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We’re Built for Partnerships

At EasyWay Ordering we believe technology solutions are only as good as the people who implement and support them. That’s why we’re the first Online Ordering service built to be distributed by independent resellers.  Whether you have 1 client or 1000, we will work with you to tailor a reseller program that meets your needs, enabling you to provide your customers with an affordable, quality service you can be proud to offer.

We know you need to be able to be competitive within the marketplace and maintain a strong profit margin. We also realize that for some of our resellers, Online Ordering is not their primary business, while for others it will be their business. That’s why our platform is designed to enable the reseller to have full access to do as much or as little of the work themselves and share profits accordingly. You can take on the data entry, customer service, and tech support in exchange for a lower buy rate or leave all of that to us and still profit from every deal.


  • Entrepreneurs

    Online ordering is a new frontier in many markets. If you’re looking for a great business opportunity with low overhead...

    Food Distributors
    Food Distributors

    The more food the restaurant sells, the more you sell. Online ordering is proven to increase restaurant sales by 20%...

    Printing Companies
    Printing Companies

    If you provide printing services such as menu’s for restaurants, why not also provide their digital menu.

    Merchant Service Providers
    Merchant Service Providers

    Restaurants are a desirable market niche for credit card processors and MSP’s who offer solutions that help them grow their...

  • Website Designers
    Website Designers

    If you want to build a website for restaurants, it’s imperative that online ordering be part of the value proposition.

We give the support, training, and assistance you'll need to be successful with your online ordering endeavour.

Need Start-Up Capital? Pitch us your idea. If your business plan makes sense for us we may help fund your project, particularly if you are in a desirable market or have unique experience or extensive contacts in the restaurant industry.

NOTE: We are not a financial institution and do not make loans. Investment decisions are based on our estimation of common business interests, not credit worthiness or an opportunity to charge interest. If we invest in a partner, terms will be negotiated with said partner and re-payment may or may not be part of the arrangement.

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